Days of Future Thrash – Episode April 25, 2017

Episode 4 my pals!! Also listener appreciation week and a fun chat about Spawn: The Album with Sean of The Lost World!


  • X-Men
    Powerglove • Saturday Morning Apocalypse
  • I Spit on Your Grave
    Detractions • Jorts
  • Betty
    Shiverettes • Dead Men Can't Cat Call
  • Wastin' Time
    Mandates • In The Back of Your Heart
  • Whippy
    Gawker • Hulk Hogan Sex Tape / Stephen's World
  • I am faster than eighty percent of snakes
    Being A Bear • It was only 5$, what did you expect, lobster?
  • Stick It to the Manitoba
    Here For Beer • Cheers EP
  • Deceiver
    Empty Heads • Empty Heads
  • Shoot First, Aim Later
    The Press Gang • Optimal Running Speed
  • Thirst
    Numenorean • Home
  • Ugly
    Empty Heads • Ugly