Days of Future Thrash – Episode July 18, 2017

A special Live Session and chat with Rob and Eric of Rob and Eric's Punk Rock Singalong Fun Time!


  • X-Men
    Powerglove • Saturday Morning Apocalypse
  • Cellophane
    Metz • Single
  • Hammer of the Gods
    Diarrhea Planet • I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
  • Narcoleptic
    White Lung • Paradise
  • Sleep in the Heat
    PUP • The Dream Is Over
  • Live Acoustic Punk Medley
    Rob Gruszecki & Eric Svilpas • In Studio
  • Let's Order a Pizza
    Pkew Pkew Pkew • PKEW PKEW PKEW
  • Look Whatcha Did Ya Little Jerk
    Turtleneck • Turtleneck
  • ACADB (All Cops Are Douchebags)
    Fortune Cookie Club • L'Autre
  • Not My Problem
    Mandates • In The Back of Your Heart