Dewey Decibels – Episode February 14, 2018

Sarah brings Valentine's Day to you. She's joined by Kevin D.A. Kurytnik, co-writer & -director of Skin for Skin, screening at ACAD Feb 15.


  • Sweeter
    Mink • Mink
  • Copper Coin Bikini
    Love and Mathematics • Love and Mathematics
  • Always Love You
    Love Seed Mama Jump • Seven Stories High
  • Lonely Loves
    Bahamas • Pink Strat
  • Chud Love
    BA Johnston • Call Me When Old and Fat is the New Young and Sexy
  • Your #1
    Mixel Pixel • Rainbow Panda
  • Bluesroses
    Flu • Fish With Necks
  • The Heart of Everything
    Within Temptation • The Heart of Everything
  • Songwriters In Love
    Brenda Baker • Daughter of Double-Dare
  • Cross My Heart
    Picture Comes To Life • Picture Comes To Life
  • Don't You Love It All
    Blancmange • Believe You Me
  • Dreamgirl
    Elwins • Beauty Community
  • We All Loved Each Other So Much
    Love Tractor • This Ain't No Outerspace Ship
  • Heart Beat
    Gabrielle Papillon • Keep the Fire
  • Heart to Heart
    Nick Ferrio • Soothsayer
  • I Scream Love
    Blve Hills • I Scream Love
  • Sex Ed
    Brood • Transistor
  • Love Song?
    Mendozaz • Two Days to Retirement
  • One Kind of Love
    Edgar Breau • Patches of Blue
  • Lost in Love
    New Weather Machine • Seas of Dawn
  • Strange Kind of Love
    Love and Money • Strange Kind of Love
  • Fell In Love With A Robot Maid
    Sex Party • Sex Party