Dirty Needles – Episode January 19, 2018


  • Check The Technique
    Gang Starr • Step In The Arena
  • Rhythm (Devoted to the Art of Moving Butts)
    A Tribe Called Quest • People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm
  • Looking at the Front Door
    Main Source • Breaking Atoms
  • Soul Vibration
    New Black Nation • Cold Front
  • 808 Man
    KMD • Mr. Hood
  • When I Went To Buy Milk
    Base Poet • Cold Front
  • All For One
    Brand Nubian • One For All
  • Ragga Muffin Rhymes
    Ragga Muffin Rascalz • Really Livin'
  • Sobb Story
    Leaders of the New School • A Future Without a Past
  • With This
    Sweet Ebony • Single
  • Jim Class
    Kish • Single
  • Spring Again
    Biz Markie • The Biz Never Sleeps
  • Da Man
    Kwame & The New Beginning • A Day in the Life: A Polkadelic Adventure
  • Black Is Back
    Lakim Shabazz • Lost Tribe of Shabazz
  • Back to Reality
    Intelligent Hoodlum • Intelligent Hoodlum
  • Hit Squad Heist
    EPMD • Business as Usual
  • Brothers Gonna Work it Out
    Public Enemy • Fear of a Black Planet
  • Legal Alien
    Freestyle Fellowship • To Whom It May Concern
  • Play the Back
    EQ • Swellsville
  • Coming Into Consciousness
    Sonyalive • Cold Front
  • Keep Em on the Floor
    Big Daddy Kane • Taste of Chocolate
  • I'm The Magnificent
    Special Ed • Legal
  • Taggin' It Up
    YZ • Sons of the Father
  • Having a Good Day
    R.R. • Cold Front
  • Dr. Bombay
    Del the Funky Homosapien • I Wish My Brother George Was Here
  • E Get Swift
    King Tee • At Your Own Risk
  • (Showbiz Is) Crazee
    HDV • Sex, Drugs + Violence
  • Pass It On
    Everlast • Forever Everlasting
  • V.I.P's Only
    Maestro Fresh Wes • Black Tie Affair
  • The Phuncky Feel One
    Cypress Hill • Cypress Hill
  • Tonite
    DJ Quik • Quik is the Name
  • Funky Song
    Low Profile • We're in This Thing Together
  • Rhymin' on the Funk
    Digital Underground • Sex Packets
  • A Roller Skating Jam Named "Saturdays"
    De La Soul • De La Soul is Dead