Dixie Fried – Episode August 18, 2017

Wow! Adam's filling in and The Half Moon Shine is here! Pew Pew!


  • Street of Tears
    Black Heat • Black Heat
  • Brother's Gonna Work It Out
    Willie Hutch • The Mack
  • That's the Way I Feel About Cha
    Bobby Womack • Communication
  • Future Now
    Pleasure • The Greatest of Pleasure
  • Wild and Free
    Curtis Mayfield • Curtis
  • Shadows In The Light
    Elysian • Voyageur
  • Full Cold Moon
    Cayley Thomas + Half Moon Shine • Live at CJSW
  • Curse to Carry On
    Cayley Thomas + The Half Moon Shine • Live at CJSW
  • Passing By
    Cayley Thomas + The Half Moon Shine • Live at CJSW
  • Worn and Leather Bound
    Cayley Thomas + The Half Moon Shin • Live at CJSW
  • Moon Woman
    HOMESHAKE • Single
  • Friends
    Levitation Room • Mind of Our Own EP
  • Rats in the Ghetto
    Boris Gardiner • Single
  • Just My Imagination
    Barry Biggs • Reggae Max
  • Stop, Look, Listen
    Barry Biggs • Reggae Max
  • Lord Take Me as I am
    Barbara Jones • Thank You Lord for Your Blessing
  • Spyrone
    Harry J All-Stars • Liquidator: The Best of the Harry J All Stars
  • Time Hard
    The Pioneers • Give and Take - The Best of the Pioneers
  • Dream Lover
    Greyhound • Leave the Reggae to Us
  • Some Other Spring
    Pat Labarbera • Deep in a Dream
  • Oh Donna
    Lloyd Charmers • Sweet Memories, Vol.1
  • I Feel Alive
    The Techniques • Ska Legends
  • Someone to Love
    Ruddy Thomas • The Song Bird of Reggae
  • Deep in my Heart
    Rupie Edwards • Single
  • It's You I Love
    Techniques • Classics
  • I Am Controlled By Your Love
    Helene Smith • Eccentric Soul
  • Ray of Hope
    The Soul Generation • Beyond Body and Soul
  • Baby Baby Baby
    Sam Cooke • The Man Who Invented Soul
  • Super Cool
    Carrie Riley & The Fascinations • Florida Funk