Doom What Thou Wilt – Episode September 27, 2016

Tonight we focus on the impending Frost and Fire Metal Festival and the ongoing Saint Vitus tour! FIST! HELD! HIGH!


  • Demons At the Door
    High Spirits • Another Night
  • Posers Will Die!
    Thrust • Fist Held High
  • Pale Horse
    The Order of the Solar Temple • The Order of the Solar Temple
  • Children of the Future
    Blood Ceremony • Blood Ceremony
  • The Sadist
    Saint Vitus • Hallow's Victim
  • White Magic/ Black Magic
    Saint Vitus • Saint Vitus
  • One Mind
    Saint Vitus • Die Healing
  • Destroy Tsunami's Power
    Midnight • Toxic Holocaust/Midnight Split
  • The Book of Oiufuel
    Denial of God • Horrors of Satan
  • Hellestrified
    Running Wild • Rapid Foray
  • Creeping Eruption
    Beyond Possession • Repossessed
  • Death March
    Black Tower • The Secret Fire