Doom What Thou Wilt – Episode October 25, 2016

It's the Funding Drive Edition of Doom What Thou Wilt, featuring many of the wonderful tracks from DWTW, Vol. II!


  • Doom Over the World
    Reverend Bizarre • Vol II: Crush the Insects
  • Lend Me Your Steel
    Cromlech • The Stars of Never Seen
  • Twelve Stars and an Azure Gown (An Anthem for Europe)
    Atlantean Kodex • The White Goddess
  • Let the Blood Run Red
    Thor • Only the Strong
  • My Anger
    Crescent Shield • The Stars of Never Seen
  • Sex With Satan
    Piledriver • Metal Inquisition
  • An Oath Sworn in Hell
    Hammers of Misfortune • The Bastard
  • The Man of Steel
    Spiritus Mortis • The Bastard
  • Retaliator
    Eternal Champion • Eternal Champion/Gatekeeper