Ears Have Eyes – Episode March 9, 2022

Program: Ears Have Eyes

Length: 60 minutes

What is the relationship between soundscapes and landscapes? Between sound and place? Between wildness and wilderness? Our second episode of EARS HAVE EYES uses Wild(er)ness as a theme for artists, musicians, and journalists to explore the too-often ignored sonorous space beyond human soundscapes. Beautiful, spatial, observational, and at times political, these soundscapes invite the listener on a wild adventure - ears first.

Alexandra Spence
Annie Dunning
Bert Crowfoot, featuring the voice of Elder Mary Thomas
Christina Milinusic
Curved Walls (Richard Gallant)
Derek Haussecker
Jean-Paul Perrotte
Robin Minard
Rucyl Frison

To learn more about these artists, or to submit your own sound art to EARS HAVE EYES, visit www.hibernationproject.ca/ears-have-eyes/ or email [email protected]