Ears Have Eyes – Episode June 14, 2023

Program: Ears Have Eyes

Length: 60 minutes

SOUND DEATH: endangered, delicate, and increasingly rare (Part 1)

This month, we're featuring work from Fragments of Sonic Extinction (FOSE) a group exhibition in Munich, Germany and an interactive website. FOSE explores the extinction of natural sounds, focusing on the sonic character of the extinction process and its relationship with cultural histories and global catastrophes related to the anthropocene. The curators commissioned eight new works from artists across the globe, presented live for an exhibition in Munich this May, and released on a multimedia website you can access from home: www.sonicextinction.net. This episode features an interview with the co-curators, Kalas Liebfried (Munich) and Laura Margaret Ramsey (Toronto).

This is Part 1 of SOUND DEATH. Next month, we'll be returning to the subject

Aloïs Yang
Eduardo García (not part of FOSE)
Heloise Tunstall-Behrens + Auclair
Jol Thoms

Join us next month for Part 2 of SOUND DEATH, featuring more work from Fragments of Sonic Extinction, alongside an interview with Danish sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard, documentation of sound sculpture by Victoria-based artist, Alison Bigg, and much more.

To learn more about the artists or to submit your own sound art to EARS HAVE EYES, visit www.hibernationproject.ca/ears-have-eyes/ or email [email protected]