East Coulee Countdown – Episode October 14, 2015


  • Dogs become Animals
    The Plodes • HiFive Every Animal
  • Wanna Go Home
    M&M Meats • Runners Love
  • Shiftin' Sands
    Hex Ray • Coin of the Realm
  • Somebody's In Love
    Yo La Tango • Stuff Like That There
  • Kidding around
    Kurt Vile • b'lieve i'm going down
  • If I Were a Portal
    Evening Hymns • Quiet Energies
  • All I got is Today
    Rah Rah • Vessels
  • Sadr City
    Corb Lund • Things That Can't Be Undone
  • Ah Ya Mal El Sham
    Jersusalem in my heart • If He Dies If If If If If If
  • Pledge
    Mamak Khadem • The Road
  • High and Blind
    Concealer • Feted:Fetid
  • To the Ether
    Century Palm • Royal Mt. Sessions
  • Out of Nowhere
    The Now Feeling • The Return
  • Everything will Change
    Les Jupes • Some Kind of Family