Folkcetera – Episode April 14, 2016


  • Borisova
    The Lemon Bucket Orkestra • Lume Lume
  • I Don't Feel So Mad At God When I See You In Your Summer Dress
    Geoff Berner • We Are Going to Bremen to be Musicians
  • Mirage (The Apostate)
    Art Bergmann • The Apostate
  • Bless Your Soul
    Bones of J.R. Jones • Spirits Furnace
  • Skunkmello's Dance Of The Chickens
    Guy Davis • Skunkmello
  • Omar Khadr's Blues
    Ken Whiteley • Freedom Blues
  • Evangeline
    Duke Robillard • The Acoustic Blues & Roots of
  • The Way Life Goes
    Heather Rankin • A Fine Line
  • Singing Saw
    Kevin Morby • Singing Saw
  • Datun Jelut
    Mathew Ngau Jau • Sounds Of Sarawak
  • Zookeeper
    Christa Couture • Long Time Leaving
  • Singing Woman From The Wood's Edge
    Animals of Grace • Songs of Shattering
  • The Bright Star of Belle Isle
    J. Knutson, Connie Kaldor • The Last Family
  • Hannah
    Linda McRae, Geoff Kelly • Shadow Trails
  • Home For A Rest
    Spirit Of The West • Hit Parade
  • The Miller's Daughter
    Spirit Of The West, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra • Open Heart Symphony
  • The Crawl
    Spirit of The West, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra • Hit Parade