Folkcetera – Episode April 6, 2017

les - baseball vimy ridge and more dan bern sam baker james keelaghan eric bogle weddings parties anything jon brooks lizzy hoyt june tabor


  • Hey Little Boy
    Justin Rutledge • East
  • off the dam
    Fred Eaglesmith • Standard
  • moe berg
    chuck brodsky • baseball ballads
  • this side of the white lines
    dan bern • doubleheader
  • ballad of eddy klepp
    chuck brodsky • baseball ballads
  • baseball
    sam baker • mercy
  • get to you
    james keelaghan • a recent future
  • on the seawall
    paul hann • paul hann
  • I'm so lonesome I could cry
    roy forbes • almost overnight
  • the dying soldier
    pharis and jason romero • a wanderer I'll stay
  • vimy ridge
    lizzy hoyt • home
  • vimy ridge
    the ladykillers • teetering on the brink
  • cigarettes
    jon brooks • ours and the shepherds
  • and the band played waltzing matilda
    eric bogle • by request
  • white feather
    russell morris • remembrance
  • scorn of the women
    Weddings parties anything • scorn of the women
  • white feather
    lizzy hoyt • new lady on the prairie
  • no man's land/
    june tabor • green linnet records - twentieth anniversary