Folkcetera – Episode May 4, 2017

les- mining&mayday - kathy mattea coal creek boys j keelaghan diamond joe white jez lowe dick gaughan utah phillips springsteen


  • the road we once knew
    eisenhaur • the road we once knew
  • birch hill # 7
    Jake Ian • The Trestle
  • geordie
    robbie bankes • foothills
  • bougainvillea I think
    Sam Outlaw • Tenderheart
  • these coaltown days
    jez lowe • bede weeps
  • coal mining blues
    Matt Anderson • coal mining blues
  • coal tattoo
    Kathy Mattea • coal
  • china white
    Diamond Joe White • coal dust grins
  • mama please
    the coal creek boys • hard at it in old town
  • hillcrest mine
    james keelaghan • small rebellions
  • miner's wives
    battlefield band • anthem for the common man
  • mineer's wife
    Connie Kaldor • postcards from the road
  • last of the widows
    jez lowe • bede weeps
  • stupid's pledge
    u utah phillips • i've got to know
  • worker's song
    Dick Gaughan • handful of earth
  • slim was a teamster
    3 penny acre • rag and bone
  • sisters of mercy
    Weddings Parties Anything • roaring days
  • she works
    mick thomas and the sure thing • spin spin spin
  • they'll never keep us down
    Hazel Dickens • hard hitting music for hard hit people
  • jack of all trades
    Bruce Springsteen • wrecking ball
  • the internationale
    Billy Bragg • the internationale
  • colours
    the men they couldn't hang • waiting for bonaparte
  • whose side are you on
    natalie merchant • seeds the songs of pete seeger