Folkcetera – Episode May 18, 2017

les -CANO john wort hannam oysterband robbie bankes kris ellstead,rachel baiman richard thompson, james keelaghan willie dunn dick gaughan


  • victims of life
    The Avett Brothers • true sadness
  • higway 855
    Jake Ian • The Trestle
  • til the goin gets gone
    Lindi Ortega • Til the Goin' Gets Gone
  • which way does the river run
    lenny gallant • seaching for abegweit
  • ain't enough
    john wort hannam • single
  • let them go to heaven
    Rachel Baiman • Shame
  • the blackest crow
    robbie bankes • foothills
  • johnny
    House and Land • House and Land
  • off with her head
    Kris Ellestad • Olde Problemse
  • my country too
    oysterband • single
  • i pity the country
    Willie Dunn • metallic
  • crooked man
    steve knightly • cruel river
  • blowhard nation
    stephen fearing • single
  • no gods and precious few heros
    Dick Gaughan • sail on
  • oh canada
    Kathleen Edwards • asking for plowers
  • house of cards
    james keelaghan • house of cards
  • arrogance ignorance and greed
    Show of Hands • arrogance ignorance and greed
  • shackled and drawn
    Bruce Springsteen • wrecking ball
  • flibberty jib
    ken nordine • word jazz
  • don't take it lying down
    Richard Thompson • still
  • spirit of the north
    CANO • au nord du notre vie