Folkcetera – Episode November 2, 2017

les- 100yrs battle of passchendaele-jon brooks old man ludecke pj harvey june tabor dolores keane pharis& jason romero the tiger lillies


  • under the clocks
    Weddings Parties Anything • roaring days
  • bendeloch stone
    Adrian Nation • anarchy and love
  • run
    100 Mile House • single
  • bob cooney's miracle
    the young 'uns • strangers
  • rol julial
    Deep Dark Woods • Yarrow
  • bloom
    william prince • earthly days
  • one more time
    Robert Burton Hubele • i get lonely
  • will ye go to flanders
    dolores keane and john faulkner • broken hearted i'll wander
  • johnny has gone for a soldier
    Old Man Luedecke • proof of love
  • the padre
    jon brooks • ours and our shepherds
  • miners of the somme
    Ryland Moranz • hello new old world
  • paschendale
    john egan • but thats another story
  • passchedaele rain
    salterszo • power cut
  • cigarettes
    jon brooks • ours and our shepherds
  • the colour of earth
    PJ Harvey • let england shake
  • the dying soldier
    Pharis & Jason Romero • a wanderer i'll stay
  • on the road to passchendaele
    isla st clair • remember
  • in flander's fields
    jon brooks • ours and our shepherds
  • no man's land/fleurs of the forest
    june tabor • green linnett 25 years
  • liberty
    chris de burgh • the getaway
  • dulce et decorum est
    the tiger lillies • a dream turns sour