Folkcetera – Episode March 22, 2018

les- new moon road geoff berner tom phillips madison violet scenic route to alaska wilderness of manitoba bruce cockburn


  • i'll be your girl
    Decemberists • I'll Be Your Girl
  • cossacks in the building
    Adam Ostrar • Brawls In the Briar
  • hibernating heart
    Scenic Route to Alaska • Tough Luck
  • brigden fair
    The Wilderness of Manitoba • the tin shop EP
  • this house
    Courtney Marie Andrews • May Your Kindness Remain
  • why he left the ocean
    red moon road • red moon road
  • lauralee
    Madison Violet • single
  • wealthy poet
    Geoff Berner • single
  • mirage
    Amelie Patterson • Sing Me at Midnight
  • death of love
    Tom Phillips • plastic machine
  • seasons
    red moon road • sorrows and glories
  • in a dusty room
    Cam Penner • felt like a saturday night
  • twelve gates to the city
    Bruce Cockburn • bone on bone
  • thorn in my shoe
    catherine maclellan • if it's alright with you
  • nobody home
    Chris Smither • Call Me Lucky
  • worker's song
    Dick Gaughan • handful of earth
  • barbara allen
    colin meloy • colin meloy sings live
  • sucker's prayer
    Decemberists • I'll Be Your Girl
  • rox in the box
    the decembrists • the king is dead
  • everything is awful
    Decemberists • I'll Be Your Girl
  • fall in line
    Circus in Flames • Outside America
  • sad sad songs
    Karpinka Brothers • talk is cheap