Folkcetera – Episode September 6, 2018

les - new season at folk clubs rawlins cross east pointers laura love lenny gallant trent severn fred eaglesmith bobcaygeon & christy moore


  • protect and survive
    runrig • he cutter and the clan
  • a turn of the wheel
    rawlins cross • reel and roll
  • hard times
    laura love • you ain' got no easter clothes
  • geordie
    robbie bankes • foothills
  • the weight of my guitar
    lennie gallant • time travel
  • miner's dream
    the east pointers • what we leave behind
  • these coal town days
    jez lowe • bede weeps
  • woodsmoke and oranges
    james keelaghan • home
  • the jack pine
    trent severn • portage
  • bobcaygeon
    Rueben and the Dark • single
  • spookin' the horses
    fred eaglesmith • lipstick lies and gasoline
  • ain't enough
    john wort hannam • acres of elbow room
  • alone but not alone
    Great Lake Swimmers • The Waves, The Wake
  • if i had my way
    mike plume • rock and roll recordings
  • sonny
    Christy Moore • collection part 2
  • raggle taggle gypsy
    Christy Moore • traveller
  • beeswing
    Christy Moore • burning times
  • magdelan laundries
    Christy Moore • burning times
  • before the deluge
    moving hearts • moving hearts the platinum collection
  • hiroshima nagasaki russian roulette
    moving hearts • moving hearts the platinum collection