Folkcetera – Episode November 8, 2018

Bruce. New releases at CJSW. Songs of Remembrance. And more.


  • Kaharli Sam, Veceral Nisam/ I Am Distraught, I Have Not Supped
    Naza Muhovic • World Library of Folk And Primitive Music: Yugoslavia (Volume V)
  • Salonika
    Lynched (now Lankum) • Cold Old Fire
  • The Circle Game
    Doug Cox • Bone Bottle Brass or Steel
  • Purple Fingers
    Kym Gouchie & Northern Sky • Live in Concert 2018
  • Aukinakataki
    Los Ruphay • A Cry for Revolution - Earth Healing Music from Bolivia
  • The Only Thing Worth Fighting For
    Rosanne Cash • She Remembers Everything
  • Sweet Later On
    The Appalucians • Bright Hills
  • Kira's Song
    T. Buckley • Miles We Put Behind
  • The Sea Monster
    Kyp Harness • Kyp Harness
  • Letters From Wilfred
    Alan Bell • Far, Far From Ypres
  • An Irish Airman Foresees His Death
    The Waterboys • An Appointment with Mr. Yeats
  • White Feather
    Lizzy Hoyt • New Lady On The Prairie
  • And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
    Joan Baez • Ring Them Bells
  • The Green Fields Of France
    Dropkick Murphys • The Warriors Code
  • The Flowers Of The Forest
    Corporal Neil McNaughton • Far, Far From Ypres
  • Gallipoli
    The Fureys & Davey Arthur • Gallipoli
  • Armenia
    Amy Fradon & Leslie Ritter • Take Me Home
  • The Lamprey, At Dark
    Mike Molnar • Far Toward Sundown