Folkcetera – Episode January 10, 2019

les - new from jeff tweedy the lynnes dsnny michel trundled roseanne cash hazel dickens and alice gerrard - dan bern the jerry cans


  • we shall not overcome
    frank turner • tape deck heart
  • haunted stampede
    Trundled • Notes From the Underground
  • cost so much
    the lynnes • heartbreak song for the radio
  • dark horses
    graham nicholas • dial tones and pretty notes
  • bombs above
    Jeff Tweedy • WARM
  • the right thing
    Danny Michel • White & Gold
  • she remembers everything
    Rosanne Cash • She Remembers Everything
  • birthday song
    amanda anne platt & the honeycutters • amanda anne platt & the honey cutters
  • in the good old days
    Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrad • Sing Me Back Home: The DC Tapes 1965-1969
  • peace of mind
    Orit Shimoni • lost and found
  • times like these
    Rachel Baiman • Thanksgiving
  • hal and tow (live and Cornish)
    the changing room • hal and tow (live and Cornish)
  • jerusalem
    Dan Bern • dan bern
  • alianait
    the jerry cans • aakuluk
  • the journeyman
    the changing room • behind the lace
  • talkin woody bob bruce and dan
    Dan Bern • smartie mine
  • turn of the wheel
    james keelaghan • then again
  • when fortune turns her wheel
    the drovers • world of monsters
  • a turn of the wheel
    rawlins cross • reel and roll
  • next turn of the wheel
    garnet rogers • all that is
  • the shoogly peg
    The Jellyman's Daughter • Dead Reckoning