Folkcetera – Episode December 12, 2019

les -some new, some for acadian remembrance day, some seasonal some christmas and of course the pogues with kirsty maccoll -merry christmas


  • ring out solstice bells
    Jethro Tull • jethro tull christmas album
  • a little fire
    Emily Triggs • Middletown
  • caney fork river
    Linda McRae • Going to the Well
  • the south saskatchewan river
    Kacy & Clayton • Carrying On
  • mama's headed north
    Amy Blanding • Sown The Line
  • evangeline acadian queen
    angele arsenault • des etoiles pour vous
  • acadian driftwood
    Zachary Richard • last kiss
  • un canadien errant
    Whitehorse • the road to massey hall
  • river
    sarah mclachlan • wintersong
  • coldest night of the year
    Hawksley Workman • full moon eleven
  • longest night of the year
    MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER • come darkness come light
  • the innkeeper
    lennie gallant • when we get there
  • il est ne/ca berger
    Kate and Anna McGarrigle • the mcgarrigle christmas hour
  • spotlight on christmas
    rufus wainwright • the mcgarrigle christmas hour
  • what's so funny about peace love and understanding
    stephen colbert/john legend/elvis costello/willie nelson/feist/toby keith • a colbert christmas
  • get to you
    james keelaghan • a recent future
  • yes it's cold in winnipeg
    lynn harrison • learning curve
  • snow
    coal creek boys • out west
  • be there christmas eve
    ron hynes • atlantic standards christmas
  • fairy tale of new york
    the pogues with kirsty maccoll • the best of the pogues
  • christmas eve
    Spirit of The West • a canadian christmas