Free Verse – Episode July 10, 2024

Program: Free Verse

Length: 60 minutes

Molly got the chance to chat with Calgary's dream angel cowboy, Robert Adam about his newest single, Moonlight Magic. Listen here: listen to us chat about Robert's upcoming shows, his new album in the works, and how Espresso is our favourite single of the summer


  • Love Feel
    Jenny Lewis • Joy'All
  • Somewhere Between Texas and Tennessee
    Melissa Carper • Borned in Ya
  • Losing More
    Nicolette & The Nobodies • The Long Way
  • Been All Around this World
    Amy Nelson • Educated Woman
  • Where Has The Time Gone
    The Dead South • Chains & Stakes
  • I Know How
    Shane Ghostkeeper • Song For My People
  • Moonlight Magic
    Robert Adam • single
  • Mountain Road
    Boy Golden • single
  • Is It Magic?
    Cut Worms • Cut Worms
  • Trouble Darling
    Scott Ballew • Rio Bravo
  • The Black Cowgirl Song
    Queen Esther • Gild the Black Lily
  • Shadowland
    k.d. lang • Shadowland