Glass Ceiling – Episode December 7, 2018


  • we're pieces
    Trigger Warming. • voice memory/Live Improvisations at CJSW
  • Floating In the Clearest Night
    Colleen • The Golden Morning Breaks
  • for Organ
    Sarah Davachi • All My Circles Run
  • Nightfall
    Kid Koala, Emiliana Torrini • Music to Draw to: Satellite
  • The Strength of Blue
    Shanna Sordahl • Radiate Don't Fear the Quietus
  • Voie Maritime
    O Paon • fleuve
  • Clearing
    Grouper • Ruins
  • Crossing
    ANAMAI • What Mountain
  • Je Le Savais
    Julie Doiron • I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day
  • Ever New
    Beverly-Glenn Copeland • Keyboard Fantasies
  • I Love You More than Words Can Say
    Karen Dalton • It's So Hard to Tell Who's Going to Love You the Best
  • To Small For Eyes
    Mothers • When You Walk a Long Distance You are Tired
  • I'd Like To Walk Around in Your Mind
    Vashti Bunyan • Just Another Diamond Day
  • Some things Cosmic
    Angel Olsen • Strange Cacti
  • Ooo
    Karen O • Crush Songs
  • Fallen Angel
    Cindy Lee • Act of Tenderness
  • Mary
    Big Thief • Capacity
  • Joga
    Bjork • Homogenic
  • Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste
    Galaxie 500 • Today
  • Wounds Itch When They Heal
    Molly Nilsson • These Things Take Time
  • Water Over Sex
    Lala Lala • The Lamb
  • Water Damage
    Dick Diver • Calendar Days
  • Coast to Coast
    Twerps • Twerps
  • Moon Like Sour Candy
    The Ophelias • Almost
  • You Will Not Take My Heart Alive
    Joanna Newsom • Divers