Good Egg – Episode December 27, 2022

Program: Good Egg

Length: 60 minutes

Good Egg Episode 40 ♥


  • I Fell In Love On Christmas Day
    Caleb Nichols • Ramon
  • One Special Gift
    Low • Christmas
  • Danse Avec La Neige
    Christine Ott • Only Silence Remains
  • Dec 31st
    Matthew Cardinal • Asterisms
  • Winter Is Cold And Good
    Livingston • Artificially Intelligent Folk Songs Of Canada, Vol. 1
  • The Party
    Ada Lea • What We Say In Private
  • Cold Enough To Break
    Knapsack • This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now
  • Snow Is Falling In Manhattan
    Chilly Gonzales • A Very Chilly Christmas
  • Snow Is Falling In Manhattan
    Purple Mountains • Purple Mountains
  • i get a strange kind of pleasure from just hanging on
    John Vanderslice • John, i can’t believe civilization is still going here in 2021! Congratulations to all of us, Love, DCB
  • September Gurls
    Big Star • Radio City
  • Spirit In Me
    OMBIIGIZI • Sewn Back Together
  • Pots & Pans
    Les Savy Fav • Let's Stay Friends
  • I'll Believe In Anything
    Wolf Parade • Apologies To The Queen Mary
  • The Party Ends
    Fake Tears • Quarter Life Crisis
  • In The New Year
    The Walkmen • You & Me