The Good Medicine Show – Episode May 24, 2018


  • Old Habits Die Hard
    Ten Second Epic • Suck It Up, Princess
  • Right for Me
    Brighter Brightest • Right for Me
  • Got Some Purple Stuff...
    Sydney • Sydney
  • If Tragedy's Appealing, then Disaster's an Addiction
    Moneen • Red Tree
  • Vs
    Shotgun Rules • Fugitives and Refugees
  • Jamestown
    The Movielife • Forty Hour Train Ride Back to Penn
  • Alex in Wonderland
    This Time Next Year • The Longest Way Home
  • Small, Bent, and Ugly
    Crucial Dudes • 61 Penn
  • Blood Orange
    The American Scene • Safe for Now
  • Time Capsules
    Misser • Everyday I Tell Myself I'm Going to be Better Person
  • A Bottle of Charades
    Living with Lions • Make Your Mark
  • You Can't Soar Like an Eagle, When You Hangout with Turkeys
    Daggermouth • Turf Wars
  • Car Underwater
    Armor for Sleep • What To Do When You Are Dead
  • Constant Headache
    Joyce Manor • Self-titled
  • Connected
    Means • Sending You Strength
  • Standing on the Edge of Hope
    Take it Back! • Can't Fight Robots
  • This Moment
    Saints Never Surrender • Brutus
  • Disaster for Truth
    Continuance • Carry Ourselves
  • Reflection
    Counterparts • The Current Will Carry Us
  • Roller Coaster
    Blink-182 • Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
  • Honeybee
    Seahaven • Winter Forever
  • Shit Twin
    Dads • American Radass (This is Important)
  • Gengar! Gengar! Gengar!
    Dowsing • It's Still Pretty Terrible
  • We're Really Jazzed About the Gig
    Wavelets • Athaletics
  • Bring Back the Mountain
    Tawny Peaks • Tawny Peaks
  • For the Night
    Princess Nokia • A Girl Cried Red
  • Where this Flower Blooms
    Tyler, the Creator • Flower Boy
  • Souvenirs
    Milo • So the Flies Don't Come