The Good Medicine Show – Episode August 16, 2018


  • For the Night
    Princess Nokia • A Girl Cried Red
  • Work it Out
    Willow Beats • Work it Out
  • Come Down
    Elk Road • Come Down
  • Run to the Hills
    Tanya Tagaq • Run to the Hills
  • Breakwall
    Ansley Simpson • Breakwall
  • Signed Patrick (Property)
    nêhiyawak • Ôtênaw (Original Film Score)
  • Perfect Mistake
    Silver Jackson • Starry Skies Opened Eyes
  • We Move Lightly On Land and On Sea
    Indian Agent • Meditations in the Key of Red
  • Root Beer
    Micah Erenberg • Poor Mic's Toe
  • I Need Love
    Lanikai • Lanikai
  • We Still Have So Much Left to Lose
    Heavy Weather • We Still Have So Much Left to Lose
  • Mom's Garden
    Bonfire • Mom's Garden
  • Steadily
    Means • To Keep Me from Sinking
  • Lawn
    Alive in Tucson • Cabin Weekend
  • Gregorivière Sainte-Charle
    Albatros • Sous-Entendu
  • Tightrope
    Petal • Magic Gone
  • The Supremacy of Pure Artistic Feeling
    Self Defense Family • Have You Considered Punk Music
  • True Love Death Dream
    Advance Base • True Love Death Dream
  • Inside My House; Some Place I Keep Dreaming About
    Ricky Eat Acid • Three Love Songs
  • In the Middle of It All
    Citizen • As You Please
  • Blue Angels
    Touché Amoré • Is Survived By
  • Love Let Me Go
    More Than Life • Love Let Me Go
  • Star a Fire
    Verse • From Anger and Rage
  • Some Came Running
    Bane • Give Blood
  • Bostons
    Have Heart • Songs to Scream at the Sun
  • Shield
    Time's Tide • God, I'm Alone Here
  • Think
    Aretha Franklin • Aretha Now
  • Shower
    Drowse • Cold Air