Grrrls to the Front – Episode July 27, 2017

When the world is tough we can (and should) get angry. But we can also celebrate our own greatness. Feat. lots o' trans*/queer music


  • Revolt (Le Tigre Mix) - Remix
    Le Tigre • N/a
  • True Trans Soul Rebel
    Against Me! • Transgender Dysphoria Blues
  • Freaks (with Girls Against Boys)
    Hedwig and the Angry Inch Cast • Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  • The Time Warp (Remix 1989 Extended Version)
    Patricia Quinn, Little Nell and Richard O'Brien • Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Queer Anarchist Fight Song
    Brainiax • Queer Liberation Now
  • (Get the) Bug
    Fifth Column • 36C
  • Restless Year
    Ezra Furman • Perpetual Motion People
  • Kick It
    Peaches • Fatherfucker
  • Poseur (X-Ray Spex)
    DOXX • ii
  • Delicate, Petite and Other Things I'll Never Be
    Against Me! • Shape Shift With Me
  • Ur the Right 1
    4th Curtis • I Won the Pageant
  • 1990 was a long year and we are all out of hot water now
    jordaan mason and the horse museum • divorce lawyers i shaved my head
  • Eat Your Heart Out
    Chelsea Bleach • Decent Connections
  • hot Knives
    Pigeon Pit • treehouse
  • Robert Frost
    Mal Blum • You look A Lot Like Me
  • How to Build a Girl
    The Football club • Songs about Friends
  • The Gender Binary Is A Jail Cell
    Kye Plant • Sober & Alone
  • My Medusa
    Two Steps on the Water • God Forbid Anyone Look Me In the Eye
  • the world is an extremely bad place and i am afraid
    Rumor Milk • WRONG NAME
  • Femme As Fuck
    Naive Sense • Body Trauma
  • Binary
    Spook School • Try To Be Hopeful
  • Just Another Whorror Story
    Stutter Something Profound • The Placebo Effect
  • The Asexual Punk song
    ashby and the Oceanns • Life Arcade
  • Come on Forest Fire Burn the Disco Down
    Rae Spoon • Superioryouareinferior
  • Wasted Youth
    The Truants • wasted Youth
  • Untucked
    Montana Tyranno • TATTOO IDEAS/DIGI C-SIDE
  • (I Wanna Be A) Dyke Wife
    Little Waist • some Kinda Comfort
  • an emo song about yr emo songs
    Selfie Queen • Selfie Queen
  • Mountains & Houses
    Mulligrub • Soft Grudge
  • The Beast Is Me
    Rae Spoon • Armour
  • Fuck Your Magazine Covers, We Demand Liberation!
    Contentious • Demo 2-0-1-7
  • bleach
    Lionizer • Be Alone
  • Jane
    Palanapanache • Wonderful Most Incredible
  • My Kind
    T. Thomason • My kind
  • True Trans Soul Rebel (Against Me! Cover)
    She/Her/Hers • One Weekend in SouthEast Texas
  • My Winter Womb
    Austin Grothe • The Girl With Golden Eyes
  • Another Day
    Russell Louder • Think of Light
  • Poison
    Kids on TV • Friends of Bellwoods 2
  • Arguments
    dogs breath • midnight or morning
  • Amendoeira
    Mattie Konig • Here Comes a Special boy?
    Lunchlady • Lunchlady
  • (I am) My Own GF
    Tuffragettes • sugary sweet
  • Tourmaline
    Aye Nako • Silver Haze
  • We Are the Wolverines
    The Cliks • Dirty King
  • Queer as in Fuck You
    Agatha • Panic Attack Demo
  • Microgods of all the Subatomic Worlds
    Clara Engel • Songs for Leonora Carrington
  • The Final curtain Call
    Seth Corbin • songs To Eat Pizza And Cry To
  • Dark Come Soon
    Tegan and Sara • The Con