Hearth2Heart – Episode July 25, 2022

Program: Hearth2Heart

Length: 30 minutes

"I feel a sense of belonging when I am with a group of people that are looking beyond the differences between us...and just embracing one another as a people of the same nation."

We're proud to host conversations with the authors of our latest anthology, Landed, Transformative Stories of Canadian Immigrant Women, set to officially launch in September 2022. To kick off, this episode features a conversation with Charlotte Anyango Ong'ang'a, whose story in the book is titled "Still I Feel."

Originally from Kenya, Charlotte Anyango Ong'ang'a is a linguist, career development specialist and storyteller. She holds a Ph.D. in linguistics, a master’s in teaching English to speakers of other languages and a bachelor’s in English language and literature. Her expert linguistic knowledge is applied in the areas of resume, cover letter writing, networking, interview preparation, job search strategies, and workplace communication. Charlotte has taught linguistics, and communication skills and provided career guidance at higher education institutions for over 12 years in different countries.

In this episode, Charlotte shares her inspiration for joining this anthology and provides a glimpse into the challenges of navigating life as a new immigrant and mom of a newborn. She also reads a favourite paragraph from her story and sums up the power of storytelling: "If you listen to people's stories, you will understand why people are the way they are."

Links mentioned in the episode: https://campfirekinship.com/book https://linkedin.com/in/charlotteonganga