iNTaNGiBiLiTY – Episode May 15, 2019

On tonight's episode of iNTaNGiBiLiTy, we dive into the CJSW Radio Music Library and discover all kinds of wonderful Canadian music.


  • Metal Jacket
    Shawn Mativetsky, Xenia Pestova • Cycles
  • Gradual Erasures: II. Palimpsest
    Véronique Mathieu, Stephanie Chua • True North
  • Forcelessness
    Sarah Neufeld • Hero Brother
  • Coruscating
    Mark Takeshi McGregor • Different Stones
  • Disquiet
    CBC Radio Orchestra • Cobalt
  • Soul Searching, Parts 1 and 2
    Afiara Quartet, Skratch Bastid • Spin Cycle
  • The Raven Conspiracy: II. Waltz of Wing and Claw
    Carmen Braden • Ravens
  • Music from Night's Edge: IV. Quicksilver Light
    Lydia Wong, Accordes String Quartet • Centrediscs 30 Years