iNTaNGiBiLiTy – Episode November 24, 2020

Today on iNTaNGiBiLiTy, Simon is back behind the mic after a two week break with a backlog of new music and new releases of contemporary classical music from across Canada!


  • Artificial Stars
    Hermitess • Celestial
  • String Trio
    Quatuor Molinari • Penderecki: Chamber Works
  • Pierrot solaire
    Sara Louise Seck, Mark Friedman, J. Tracy Mortimore, Ken Simpson, Parvaneh Eshghi • Flights of Fancy
  • Chamber Symphony No. 1 "Remember to Forget"
    Ensemble Caprice, Matthias Maute • Jaap Nico Hamburger: Chamber Symphonies 1 & 2
  • Elegy for a Misty Afternoon
    Yoko Hirota • Small is Beautiful
  • Take the Dog Sled
    Esprit Orchestra, Alex Pauk, Evie Mark, Akinisie Sivuarapik • Alexina Louie: Take the Dog Sled
  • Quatre miniatures pour hautbois, clarinette et basson
    Pentaèdre • Hétu: Musique pour vents
  • Arbutus (For Tárogató and Piano)
    Jeffrey Ryan • My Soul Upon My Lips
  • Sinking In (For Contrabassoon)
    Jeffrey Ryan • My Soul Upon My Lips
  • May 7th
    Matthew Cardinal • Asterisms