Jazz 4 Yo Soul! – Episode April 10, 2019

Scott's Going to Havana and wants to play a bunch of music from Cuban cats!.... episode


  • Please Send Me Someone to Love
    Fiona Apple • Pleasantville Soundtrack
  • Baby, If You're Lyin'
    Doug Wamble • Country Libations
  • Lazy Bird
    Cesar Lopez Y Habana Ensemble • Contrastes
  • No Money
    Interactivo Featuring Telmary Diaz, featuring Roberto Carcases • Interactuar es una Fuerza
  • Como Se Pone la Habana
    Telmary • Fuerza Arara
  • We'd Be Together
    Roberto Carcases y Yusa • We'd Be Together
  • Chan Chan
    Buena Vista Social Club , featuring Ry Cooder • Buena Vista Social Club
  • Getaway
    David Weiss , featuring EJ Strickland, Marcus Strickland • Breathing Room