Jazz Today – Episode July 18, 2019

Joel Ross, Camila Meza, Linda Briceno, Roxy Coss, Remy Le Boeuf, Aaron Parks, Jo-Yu Chen, Tara Kannangara, Stephanie Urquhart, Alison Young


  • It's Already Too Late
    Joel Ross • KingMaker
  • This is Not America
    Camila Meza & the Nectar Orchestra • Ambar
  • Solitude
    Linda Briceno, featuring Roxy Coss • Solitude - single
  • Don't Cross the Coss
    Roxy Coss • Quintet
  • Antiquity
    Lucas Pino • That's a Computer
  • Imperfect Paradise
    Remy Le Boeuf • Light as a Word
  • Kid
    Aaron Parks • Little Big
  • Savage Beauty (In Memory of Alexander McQueen)
    Jo-Yu Chen, featuring Mark Turner • Savage Beauty
  • Reflections
    Ralph Moore • Three Score
  • You're Me
    Pete Coco Trio, featuring Matt Wilson and Sullivan Fortner • Lined with a Groove
  • Squall
    Stephanie Urquhart • Concealment
  • I Made This for You
    Tara Kannangara • It's Not Mine Anymore
  • Touched
    Tara Kannangara • It's Not Mine Anymore
  • Show Me Where to Go
    Tara Kannangara • It's Not Mine Anymore
  • Celia & Harry
    Alison Young • So Here We Are
  • Tenor Eleven
    Scott Robinson • Tenormore