Jazz Today – Episode November 14, 2019

Ben Flocks, Joshua Redman, Brad Mehldau, Chase Baird, Kevin Hays, Chiara Izzi, Lionel Loueke, Sam Wilson, Jim Brenan, Matt Choboter


  • Dream of Life
    Ben Flocks • Mask of the Muse
  • I'll Go Mine
    Joshua Redman Quartet • Come What May
  • Between Dog and Wolf
    Joshua Redman, Brooklyn Rider, featuring Scott Colley and Satoshi Takeishi • Sun on Sand
  • Striving After Wind
    Brad Mehldau • Finding Gabriel
  • Ripcord
    Chase Baird, featuring Brad Mehldau, Antonio Sanchez, Nir Felder & Dan Chmielinski • A Life Between
  • Circles of the Mind
    Kevin Hays, Chiara Izzi, featuring Nir Felder • Across the Sea
  • Violeta
    Kevin Hays, Lionel Loueke • Hope
  • Riverside Waves
    Sam Wilson • Groundless Apprehensions
  • A Tune for You
    Sam Wilson • Groundless Apprehensions
  • Groundless Apprehensions
    Sam Wilson • Groundless Apprehensions
  • Kobyashi
    Jim Brenan Quartet • January
  • Spillimacheen
    Matt Choboter Band • Spillimacheen
  • You Spend
    Andrea Superstein • Worlds Apart
  • Nation's Unrest: A Tribal Conflict
    Nick Maclean Quartet • Rites of Ascension