Jazz Today – Episode December 19, 2019

Michael Dease, Carsten Rubeling, Kalia Vandever, Ryan Porter, Yazz Ahmed, Laura Jurd, Alice Zawadzki, Mareike Wiening, Marta Sanchez


  • I Wish I Knew
    Michael Dease • Never More Here
  • Great Divide
    Carsten Rubeling • Volk // People
  • In Bloom
    Kalia Vandever • In Bloom
  • Blame It On The Sun
    Ryan Porter • Force For Good
  • The Softness is Present
    The Comet Is Coming • The Afterlife
  • One Girl Among Many
    Yazz Ahmed • Polyhymnia
  • Stepping Back
    Laura Jurd • Stepping Back, Jumping In
  • Within You is a World of Spring
    Alice Zawadzki • Within You is a World of Spring
  • Free Time
    Mareike Wiening, featuring Rich Perry, Dan Tepfer, Alex Goodman & Johannes Felscher • Metropolis Paradise
  • Unchanged
    Marta Sanchez, featuring Chris Cheek, Daniel Dor, Rick Rosato & Roman Filiu • El Rayo de Luz
  • Lithe
    Persona, featuring Caroline Davis & Rob Clearfield • Anthems
  • Black Three
    Yannick Rieu • MachiNations
  • Atonggaga Blues
    Andrés Vial, featuring Dezron Douglas & Eric McPherson • Gang of Three
  • What You Can't Stop, Pt. 1
    Joel Miller • Unstoppable
  • Ombre
    Kneebody • Chapters
  • The Irreconcilables
    Daedelus • The Bittereinders