Jazz Today – Episode January 9, 2020

Junius Paul, Matt Ulery, Zach Brock, Jon Deitemyer, The Bad Plus, Chris Speed, Jonathan Kreisberg, Camila Meza, Maria Mendes, Karrin Allyson


  • Baker's Dozen
    Junius Paul • Ism
  • Taciturn
    Matt Ulery, featuring Greg Ward, Zach Brock, Rob Clearfield and Quin Kirchner • Delicate Charms
  • Above and Beyond
    Zach Brock, Matt Ulery, Jon Deitemyer • Wonderment
  • The Red Door
    The Bad Plus • Activate Infinity
  • City Diamond
    Reid Anderson, Dave King, Craig Taborn • Golden Valley is Now
  • Respect for Your Toughness
    Chris Speed Trio • Respect for Your Toughness
  • Philadelphia Creamer
    Ethan Iverson Quartet, featuring Tom Harrell • Common Practice (Live at the Village Vanguard, 2017)
  • Trust Fall
    Jonathan Kriesberg • Capturing Spirits - JCQ Live!
  • Ambar
    Camila Meza & the Nectar Orchestra • Ambar
  • Danca do Amor
    Maria Mendes, featuring John Beasley • Close To Me
  • Anti Suffrage Rose
    Karrin Allyson Sextet, featuring Veronica Swift • Shoulder to Shoulder: Centennial Tribute to Women’s Suffrage
  • The Righteous and the Wicked
    Chelsea McBride's Socialist Night School • Aftermath
  • Absolutely Dreaming
    Ted Quinlan • Absolutely Dreaming
  • Over My Head
    The University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra • Embargo
  • Eastern Stranger
    Northern Ranger • Eastern Stranger
  • Ready and Able
    Baritone Madness • Baritone Madness