Jazz Today – Episode March 5, 2020

International Women's Day 2020: Karrin Allyson, Roxy Coss, Tahira Clayton, Aubrey Johnson, Nicole Mitchell, Linda Oh, Samantha Sidley


  • I'll Be No Submissive Wife
    Karrin Allyson Sextet • Shoulder to Shoulder: Centennial Tribute to Women’s Suffrage
  • Females Are Strong As Hell
    Roxy Coss • Quintet
  • Transparent Dreams (Tales of...)
    Tahira Clayton • Wait, Till Now
  • Unraveled
    Aubrey Johnson, featuring Tomoko Omura, Michael Sachs, Chris Ziemba, Matt Aronoff & Jeremy Noller • Unraveled
  • No One Can Stop Us
    Nicole Mitchell, featuring Fay Victor • Maroon Cloud
  • Lilac Chaser
    Linda May Han Oh • Aventurine
  • I Like Girls
    Samantha Sidley • Interior Person
  • Listen!!
    Samantha Sidley • Interior Person
  • Interior Person
    Samantha Sidley • Interior Person
  • Liberia
    Lakecia Benjamin, featuring Gary Bartz • Pursuance: The Coltranes
  • Cherokee Louise
    Alicia Olatuja • Intuition: Songs from the Minds of Women
  • Pearls
    Kandace Springs, featuring Avishai Cohen • The Women Who Raised Me
  • V for Vena
    Rachel Therrien • Vena
  • Agent Orange
    Emie R Roussel Trio • Rythme De Passage
  • If Ever I Could Leave You
    Laura Anglade • If Ever I Could Leave You - single
  • Hawk Eyes: Pt III: The Voices
    Sanah Kadoura • Hawk Eyes
  • Honest Moments
    Sam Wilson • Groundless Apprehensions
  • Goodbye Valentine
    Carolyn Curry • Dear Be A Doll