Jazz Today – Episode September 23, 2021

Program: Jazz Today

Length: 90 minutes

Cyrille Aimee, Adonis Rose, NOJO, Theo Croker, Terence Blanchard, Palladium, Roxana Amed, Renee Rosnes, Vincent Herring, Johnathan Blake, Jaleel Shaw, Nate Smith, Michael Mayo, saje, Rachel Eckroth, Earl MacDonald, Miguel de Armas, David Lavoie & Carson Tworow


  • Down
    Cyrille Aimee, Adonis Rose, New Orleans Jazz Orchestra • Petite Fleur
  • Hero Stomp A Future Past
    Theo Croker • BLK2LIFE // A FUTURE PAST
  • Fall
    Terence Blanchard, featuring The E-Collective & Turtle Island Quartet • Absence
  • House of Jade
    Palladium, featuring Nicole Glover, Sasha Berliner, Sean Mason, Russell Hall & Victor Lewis • Don't Look Back
  • Virgo
    Roxana Amed • Ontology
  • Life Does Not Wait
    Renee Rosnes, featuring Chris Potter, Christian McBride, Carl Allen & Rogerio Boccato • Kinds of Love
  • Hello
    Vincent Herring, featuring Cyrus Chestnut, Yasushi Nakamura & Johnathan Blake • Preaching to the Choir
  • Homeward Bound (For Ana Grace)
    Johnathan Blake • Homeward Bound - single
  • Lee
    Jaleel Shaw • Echoes
  • Square Wheel
    Nate Smith , featuring Kokayi & Michael Mayo • Kinfolk 2: See the Birds
  • Bones
    Michael Mayo • Bones
  • Dusk Baby
    saje, featuring Gerald Clayton • Dusk Baby - single
  • Low Hanging Fruit
    Rachel Eckroth, featuring Tim Lefebvre & Christian Euman • The Garden
  • Be Still, My Soul
    Earl MacDonald, featuring Karly Epp • Consecrated
  • Eva Luna
    Miguel de Armas Quartet • Continuous
  • Bucharest
    David Lavoie & Carson Tworow • Urban Repurpose