Jazz Today – Episode January 13, 2022

Program: Jazz Today

Length: 90 minutes

Sara Serpa, Numinous, Aubrey Johnson, Lyle Mays, Eberhard Weber, Charlotte Greve & Wood River, Alma Naidu, Angelika Niescier & Alexander Hawkins, Stefan Hegerat, BADBADNOTGOOD, Nick Maclean, Kate McGarry + Keith Ganz, Roddy Ellias, Kellylee Evans


  • Night
    Sara Serpa, featuring Emmanuel Iduma • Intimate Strangers
  • The Grey Land: I Should Have Been Mother****ing Black Mamba!
    Numinous • The Grey Land
  • The Peacocks
    Aubrey Johnson, featuring Michael Sachs, Chris Ziemba, Matt Aronoff & Jeremy Noller • Unraveled
  • Eberhard
    Lyle Mays • Eberhard - EP
  • Ready Out There (Live in Avignon)
    Eberhard Weber • Once Upon a Time
  • Sediments We Move: Pt. 3
    Charlotte Greve, Wood River, featuring Cantus Domus • Sediments We Move
  • White Tulip
    Alma Naidu • Alma
  • Un:Tamed
    Angelika Niescier, Alexander Hawkins • Soul in Plain Sight
  • Raccoons
    Stefan Hegerat • Icterus
  • City of Mirrors
    BADBADNOTGOOD • Talk Memory
  • Blackbirds
    Nick Maclean • Can You Hear Me?
  • Here Comes the Sun
    Kate McGarry + Keith Ganz Ensemble, featuring Ron Miles & Gary Versace • What To Wear In the Dark
  • Not This Room
    Roddy Ellias Free Spirit Ensemble featuring Kelly Lee Evans • Not This Room
  • Greenlight
    Kellylee Evans • Greenlight - EP