Jazz Today – Episode July 14, 2022

Program: Jazz Today

Length: 90 minutes

Wadada Leo Smith & Han Bennink, Dave Douglas, Steph Richards, Michael Sarian, Eucalyptus, Adema Manoukas Octet, Jocelyn Gould, Randy Napoleon, Quincy Davis, Colin Fisher & Mike Gennaro, Chad Anderson, Zoh Amba, Aaron Bazzell, Keith Brown Trio


  • Ornette Coleman at the World's Fair of Science and Art in Fort Worth, Texas
    Wadada Leo Smith, featuring Han Bennink • The Emerald Duets
  • Mercy
    Dave Douglas, featuring Berlinde Deman, Marta Warelis, Frederik Leroux, Tomeka Reid & Lander Gyselinck • Secular Psalms
  • Sacred Sea: Nixie
    Steph Richards, featuring Joshua White • Zephyr
  • I'll Get There, I'll Get There
    Michael Sarian • After the Rain: Impressions on Daily Sounds and Field Recordings During a Moment of Rebirth and Awakening
  • Infinity Bananas
    Eucalyptus • Moves
  • New Roots
    Adema Manoukas Octet • New Roots
  • Gemini
    Jocelyn Gould • Golden Hour
  • The Jazzdiddy Waltz
    Randy Napoleon, featuring Quincy Davis • Puppets: The Music of Gregg Hill
  • Q Vision
    Quincy Davis • Q Vision
  • Epinoia
    Colin Fisher, Mike Gennaro • Tactile Stories
  • Long Story Short (Moonrise)
    Chad Anderson, featuring Warren Smith, Barry Stephenson and Zoh Amba • Mellifluous Excursions, Vol. 1 : Where You Been
  • Mother's Hymn
    Zoh Amba • O LIfe, O Light Vol. 1
  • Increase and Persist
    Aaron Bazzell • Aesthetic
  • African Ripples, Pt. 2
    Keith Brown Trio • African Ripples