Jazz Today – Episode October 20, 2022

Program: Jazz Today

Length: 90 minutes

Janel Leppin, Shawneci Icecold & Fred Lonberg-Holm, Nick Macri & Mono No Aware, Artifacts Trio (Nicole Mitchell, Tomeka Reid & Mike Reed), Tomeka Reid + Kyoko Kitamura + Taylor Ho Bynum + Joe Morris, Mali Obomsawin, Tomas Fujiwara's Triple Double, Thumbscrew, Chet Doxas, Montreal Jazz Trio, Aaron Leaney, Jairus Sharif, Sam Dillon & Andrew Gould Quartet


  • Clarity
    Janel Leppin • Ensemble Volcanic Ash
  • Honey Dipper
    Shawneci Icecold, Fred Lonberg-Holm • Sepphoris - EP
  • Amache (For The Chicago Resettlers)
    Nick Macri & Mono No Aware • Amache
  • Blessed
    Artifacts, featuring Nicole Mitchell, Tomeka Reid and Mike Reed • ...and then there's this
  • Imaginary Donuts
    Tomeka Reid, Kyoko Kitamura, Taylor Ho Bynum, Joe Morris • Geometry of Trees
  • Wawasint8da
    Mali Obomsawin • Sweet Tooth
  • Life Only Gets More
    Tomas Fujiwara's Triple Double, featuring Tomas Fujiwara, Gerald Cleaver, Mary Halvorson, Brandon Seabrook, Ralph Alessi, Taylor Ho Bynum • March
  • I'm a Senator!
    Thumbscrew, featuring Michael Formanek, Mary Halvorson and Tomas Fujiwara • Multicolored Midnight
  • House of Ypres
    Chet Doxas • Rich in Symbols 2: the Group of Seven, Tom Thomson, & Emily Carr
  • Nowhere
    Montreal Jazz Trio, featuring Steve Amirault, Adrian Vedady and Jim Doxas • Montreal Jazz Trio
  • Darkness Steer Us To Light
    Aaron Leaney, featuring Scott Munro and Chris Dadge • Darkness Steer Us To Light - single
  • Water & Tools
    Jairus Sharif • Water & Tools
  • Dill
    Sam Dillion Andrew Gould Quartet, featuring Sam Dillon, Andrew Gould, Kiyoshi Kitagawa and Jimmy Macbride • It Takes One to Know One