Jazz Today – Episode January 5, 2023

Some of my favourite 2022 Canadian albums


  • Apology
    Tania Gill Quartet, featuring Lina Allemano, Rob Clutton, and Nico Dann • Disappearing Curiosities
  • Walls Made of Glass
    Gentiane MG • Walls Made of Glass
  • Underwater Chant
    Kate Wyatt, featuring Lex French, Adrian Vedady & Jim Doxas • Artifact
  • Baila Mi Changui
    Rafael Zaldivar, featuring Terri Lyne Carrington • Rumba
  • Le blues d'emile
    Annie Dominique Quintet • Reflechir la nuit
  • Tree Trunk
    Chet Doxas • Rich in Symbols 2: the Group of Seven, Tom Thomson, & Emily Carr
  • Old Ballad For Hawk
    Andrew Rathbun, featuring Rich Perry, Gary Versace, John Hebert & Billy Drummond • Semantics
  • Roar and Havoc
    Ernesto Cervini • Joy
  • Time's a Wastin'
    Melissa Stylianou, featuring Ike Sturm • Dream Dancing
  • Vous qui passez sans me voir
    Laura Anglade & Sam Kirmayer • Venez donc chez moi
  • It's Pronounced George
    Caity Gyorgy, featuring Christine Jensen and Virginia MacDonald • Featuring
  • Old World
    Carsten Rubeling, featuring Aaron Young • Headwaters
  • Interphase
    MAW, featuring Jessica Ackerley, Frank Meadows, Eli Wallace • A Maneuver Within
  • Palimpsest
    Gordon Grdina, featuring Mark Helias and Matthew Shipp • Pathways
  • Bright Note
    Jocelyn Gould • Golden Hour
  • Tides Are Turning
    Ostara Project, featuring Amanda Tosoff, Jodi Proznick, Allison Au, Rachel Therrien, Jocelyn Gould, Joanna Majoko & Sanah Kadoura • Ostara Project