Jazz Today – Episode January 26, 2023

Kalia Vandever, Nick Dunston, Mali Obomsawin, GEORGE, Secret People, Matt Mitchell & Kate Gentile, Stephen Gauci, Jessica Ackerley, Astroturf Noise, Michael Sarian, Marina Hasselberg, Alvaro Rojas, David Blake, Jim Head, Julian Lage


  • False Memories
    Kalia Vandever • Regrowth
  • Pollinator
    Nick Dunston, featuring Kalia Vandever and DoYeon Kim • Spider Season
  • Lineage
    Mali Obomsawin • Sweet Tooth
  • Earthworker
    GEORGE, featuring John Hollenbeck, Anna Webber, Aurora Nealand and Chiquita Magic • Letters to George
  • Legitimate Perseverance
    Secret People, featuring Kate Gentile, Dustin Carlson and Nathaniel Morgan • Secret People
  • Mad Homonyms Phex
    Matt Mitchell & Kate Gentile • Snark Horse
  • Improvisation II
    Stephen Gauci, featuring Matt Mitchell, Eivind Opsvik and Billy Mintz • Live at Scholes Street Studio
  • III
    Jessica Ackerley • Wave: Volume 1
  • Tennessee Blazes
    AstroTurf Noise • Blazing / Freezing
  • Oysters
    Michael Sarian, featuring Santiago Leibson, Marty Kenney and Nathan Ellman-Bell • Living at the End of the World
  • Where the Sand is Hot
    Marina Hasselberg • Red
  • Double Dragon
    Alvaro Rojas • Music for 22
  • Single Petal of a Rose
    David Blake • Fun House
  • Waking Dream
    Jim Head • Prismatic
  • Temple Steps
    Julian Lage • View With a Room