Jazz Today – Episode March 16, 2023

Yazmin Lacey, Cherise, Theo Croker, Nicholas Payton, Elvin Jones, Donald Byrd, Henry Franklin, Daniel Rotem, Anna Butterss, Brad Allen Williams, Scott Mayo, Martina DaSilva, Joyce Moreno & Marcos Valle, Up and Over Trio, Carsten Rubeling & Steve Jackson, Jackson Wilson Duo, William Carn and Noam Lemish.


  • Bad Company
    Yazmin Lacey • Voice Notes
  • Sunrise
    Cherise • Blue Note Re:Imagined II
  • Theo Says
    Theo Croker, featuring Ego Ella May & D'Leau • By the Way - EP
  • From a Flicker to a Flame (For Meghan Stabile)
    Nicholas Payton • The Couch Sessions
  • Raunchy Rita
    Elvin Jones • Revival: Live at Pookie's Pub
  • Black Byrd
    Donald Byrd • Live: Cookin' with Blue Note at Montreux, July 5, 1973
  • The Griot
    Henry Franklin, Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad • Henry Franklin JID014
  • Moment's Notice
    Daniel Rotem • Wise One: Celebrating the Music of John Coltrane (Live at the Bluewhale)
  • Blevins
    Anna Butterss • Activities
  • tecnologia
    Brad Allen Williams • oeconomy
  • Brigas Nunca Mais
    Scott Mayo • Meu Brasil
  • Sem Voce
    Martina DaSilva, featuring Yotam Silberstein • Living Room 3
  • A Chuva Sem Gal
    Joyce Moreno, Marcos Valle • A Chuva Sem Gal - single
  • The F-Man
    Up and Over Trio • Up and Over
  • 4Chords
    Carsten Rubeling, Steve Jackson • 4Chords - single
  • Into the Hollow
    Andrew Jackson, Sam Wilson • New Doors
  • The Inertia of Complacency
    William Carn • Choices
  • Steals on Steeles
    Noam Lemish • Twelve