Jazz Today – Episode May 25, 2023

Anthony Fung, Henry Solomon & Logan Kane, Malachi Whitson & Paul Cornish, Genevieve Artadi, Nicole McCabe, Daniel Rotem, saje, Scott Mayo, Alexia Bomtempo, Melissa Stylianou, Amaro Freitas, David Lavoie, Jacques Kuba Seguin, Lina Allemano Four, Up and Over Trio


  • Writer's Block Party
    Anthony Fung, featuring Michael Ragonese, Mark Pelli, David Binney & Aaron Janik • Writer's Block Party - single
  • Great Lengths
    Henry Solomon, Logan Kane, featuring Paul Cornish & Benjamin Ring • Outside World 2
  • Everything I've Ever Felt For You
    Malachi Whitson, Paul Cornish, featuring Genevieve Artadi & Lenard Simpson • Something With Soul, Volume 1
  • Forever Forever
    Genevieve Artadi • Forever Forever
  • Landscapes
    Nicole McCabe, featuring Logan Kane, Myles Martin & Paul Cornish • Landscapes
  • Connective Tissue
    Daniel Rotem, featuring Jonathan Pinson • Wave Nature
  • (You Are) The Oracle
    saje, featuring Michael Mayo • (You Are) The Oracle - single
  • Samba Gringo
    Scott Mayo, featuring Michael Mayo • Meu Brasil
  • Domingo
    Alexia Bomtempo, featuring Fernanda Abreu • Doce Carnaval
  • Corcovado
    Melissa Stylianou, featuring Ike Sturm & Gene Bertoncini • Dream Dancing
  • Melanina
    Amaro Freitas • Colour Theory
  • If I Were Me
    David Lavoie • Colour Theory
  • Candeur
    Jacques Kuba Seguin • Parfum N°1
  • Banana Canon
    Lina Allemano Four • Pipe Dream
  • Windswept
    Up and Over Trio • Up and Over