Jazz Today – Episode March 14, 2024

Martina DaSilva, Charles Goold, Ulysses Owens Jr., Christian McBride, Kelly Green, Gilad Hekselman, Gerald Cannon, Mike Downes, Rubim de Toledo, Last Ark Out, Caity Gyorgy and Sophianne Girard


  • The Sound of Music
    Martina DaSilva • The Sound of Music
  • Caravan
    Charles Goold • Triptych Lespri
  • Sticks
    Ulysses Owens Jr and Generation Y • A New Beat
  • The Good Life
    Christian McBride’s New Jawn • Prime
  • Street Cleaning
    Kelly Green • Seems
  • Equinox
    Gilad Hekselman • Life, At The Village Vanguard
  • Inception
    Gerald Cannon, featuring Dave Kikoski & Lenny White • Live at Dizzy's Club: The Music of Elvin & McCoy Tyner
  • Gratitude
    Mike Downes • The Way In
  • The Long Way (Down)
    Rubim de Toledo • The Drip
  • Brackish
    Last Ark Out, featuring Sasha Berliner • Lift
  • Next Time
    Caity Gyorgy • Next Time - single
  • Inutile Digression
    Sophianne Girard • For Some Reason