Jazz Today – Episode March 28, 2024

Naledi, Thandi Ntuli, Skyjack, Maria Grand & Marta Sanchez, Ganavya, Fay Victor, The Choir Invisible, Vinnie Sperrazza Apocryphal, Doxas Brothers, Will Regnier, Allison Burik, Sarah Rossy, Erika Angell, Beatings Are in the Body and Friesen Hume Waters


  • P (x) J
    Naledi • Batho
  • Sunrise (in California)
    Thandi Ntuli, featuring Carlos Nino • Rainbow Revisited
  • Light Cycle / Vang Gou Die Strandloper
    Skyjack • Light Cycle
  • See
    Maria Grand, Marta Sanchez • Anohin
  • our mother is our daughter is our mother
    Ganavya • like the sky i've been too quiet
  • Trust the Universe
    Fay Victor • Blackity Black Black is Beautiful
  • In Heaven
    The Choir Invisible, featuring Fay Victor, Charlotte Greve, Vinnie Sperrazza, Chris Tordini • Town of Two Faces
  • Caffeine Dream
    Vinnie Sperrazza Apocryphal, featuring Loren Stillman, Brandon Seabrook & Eivind Opsvik • Sunday
  • Between Friends
    Doxas Brothers • Kindred
  • Lights Out
    Will Régnier • Traces
  • As the Norns Weave
    Allison Burik • Realm
  • Space to Grow
    Sarah Rossy • Seemingly Insatiable Waves
  • Up My Sleeve
    Erika Angell • The Obsession With Her Voice
  • Blurry
    Beatings Are In The Body • Beatings Are In The Body
  • Stained Coat
    Friesen / Hume / Waters • Nightspeak