Jazz Today – Episode April 25, 2024

Program: Jazz Today

Length: 90 minutes

Talk with Ernesto Cervini. Music from Mary Ancheta Quartet, Andrea Superstein, Aimee-Jo Benoit, Kari van der Kloot, Allison Au, Ernesto Cervini's Turboprop, Peripheral Vision and Will Regnier


  • Envoy
    Mary Ancheta Quartet • Level Up
  • Everywhere
    Andrea Superstein • Oh Mother
  • Free
    Aimee-Jo Benoit • Horns of Hope
  • Totem
    Kari van der Kloot • Window
  • Part 1: The Road
    Sarah Jerrom • Magpie
  • The Ism
    Allison Au & The Migrations Ensemble, featuring Laila Biali • Migrations
  • Aureole
    Turboprop • A Canadian Songbook
  • Clumsy
    Turboprop • A Canadian Songbook
  • The Inertia of Complacency
    Turboprop • A Canadian Songbook
  • The Mask Has Become the Face (Live)
    Peripheral Vision • We've Got Nothing
  • Entre les lignes
    Will Régnier • Traces