Katharsis – Episode January 24, 2016


  • Forget Me Not Creek
    Forest Tate Fraser, featuring Evan van Reekum • The Fall EP
  • Won't You Cross Over To That Other Shore
    Daniel Bachman • River
  • On A Slow Passing In Ghost Tow
    Chuck Johnson • Crows In The Basillica
  • Ohr
    Dany Paul Grody • In Search Of Light
  • Honarztape - Mundaka
    David Cordero • El Rumor Del Oleaje
  • Smoke and Mirrors
    Dean McPhee • Fatima's Hand
  • Angel One
    Mick Turner • Seven Angels
  • Guitar
    Tara Jane O'Neil • Unintended Side Effects
  • Into The Out Of
    Tom Carter • Long Time Underground
  • Raise
    Bitter Fictions • LP
  • On The Time Suspended
    Sylvain Chauveau • How To Live In Small Spaces
  • Trailing Moss In Mystic Glow
    Oren Ambarchi • In The Pendulum's Embrace
  • Fear Of Open Spaces II
    Aidan Baker • Half Lives - As I Walked On Dead Earth
  • Transient Life In Twilight (live)
    James Blackshaw • Waking into sleep - Göteborg, 27.05.06
  • Cathedral Et Chartres
    Jack Rose • I Do Play Rock And Roll
  • Midnights
    M. Mucci • Secret Midnights