Lift The Bandstand – Episode August 29, 2018

Good is away week 3; featuring John Hollenbeck, Patrick Zimmerli, Nicole Mitchell, Willam Parker, Dave Holland


  • Woven Colors
    Yuko Fujiyama (Graham Haynes, Jennifer Choi, Susie Ibarra) • Night Wave
  • All Can Work
    John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble • All Can Work
  • Linear Variation
    Patrick Zimmerli Quartet • Clockworks
  • Musique du temps du reve
    Michel Lambert, featuring Jeanette Lambert • Alom Mola
  • A Strange Visit
    Peggy Lee • Echo Painting
  • Dreaming in a Cage
    Andrew Miller • Congruence
  • Voices Fall From the Sky
    William Parker • Voices Fall From the Sky
  • No One Can Stop Us
    Nicole Mitchell • Maroon Cloud
  • Q&A
    Dave Holland, Evan Parker, Craig Taiborn, Ches Smith • Uncharted Territories