CJSW wouldn’t be the same without you, our listeners. The station has done some pretty cool things this year thanks to your support. We want to celebrate you with a week of special programming just to show you how much we love you!

This year, we’re passing the mic to the Listeners and from April 30th to May 7th, will be playing listener-created audio.

Vote for your favourite submission and get a limited edition CJSW Discover Radio sticker! The winning audio will be announced May 7th and the creator will be rewarded with one of our coveted mason jar radios!


To all our listeners, both far and wide: thank you!

User Submissions

Check out the listener-created audio from Listener Appreciation Week 2021 below.

Robot Stinger

This isn't just a listener made stinger, it's a machine made stinger! The ones and zeros aligned and the results are a stinger that fits right in to the CJSW catalogue.

Adventure Time Discover Radio

Taking a journey with Jake and Finn, this listener brought CJSW to the land of Ooo for a Listener Appreciation Week adventure!

Bouncing Off The Walls

This listener understands what CJSW is all about. In this piece, they showcase all the places CJSW echoes through. From Calgary, to Canada, to across the world!

Goblin Babe

Dance Magic Dance! This listener took a trip to the world of Labyrinth and ran into the Goblin King. Turns out goblins love CJSW too!

Jazzy CRTC Stamp

This listener keeps it simple with a classic CJSW sound. Highlighting the ways in which you can tune in, and showcasing some smooth jazz, this station ID is a great addition to the roster.

Whale Sounds ID

This listener took a deep dive into the depths of the ocean to bring you the sounds of what lies underneath. They discovered that whales are a big fan of the station!

CJSW is Original!

This Station ID explains what CJSW is through the words of a very special celebrity guest. If you know, you know!

CJSW Cowboy

Yeehaw! This listener discovered radio in the wild west! Behind the tumbleweeds and the cowbells, CJSW rings through the canyons from sunrise to sunset!

Listener Appreciation Week

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