Luke – Episode January 20, 2016


  • whiskey breath
    devotchka • super melodrama
  • if i should fall from grace with god
    the pogues • if i should fall from grace with god
  • i dont feel so mad at god when I see you in your summer dress
    geoff berner • we are going to bremen to be musicians
  • dave the butcher
    tom waits • swordfishtrombones
  • of friendship and alcohol
    river jacks • river jacks
  • too many people love me
    ex boyfriends • deli oriental meat style and food
  • rock and roll wedding
    birds of paradise • fremont st. expeience
  • pretty things
    bo diddley • best of
  • diablo
    bitterweed draw • dynamite mountain
  • weight of the gun
    corb lund • things that can't be undone
  • heavyweight
    copperhead • s/t
  • dream catchers
    odetta hartman • 222
  • another lie
    grey lands • right arm
  • lostlost
    run with the kittens • casio glue bomb
  • i wanna beat me up
    sure • either way
  • remember walking in the sand
    switches • all my darlings
  • flirty fishes
    wilderness years • stoners rockers and losers
  • girl on the carousel
    the dirtbombs • ooey gooey chewy kablooie
  • its no game
    david bowie • scary monsters